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PEMCO Safety   |   Extraordinary Safety Advisors

At PEMCO, we help our clients reach the highest standards in safety risk management whilst at the same time achieving compliance with a wide range of regulatory requirements.

Safety, health and environmental risk management is at the core of the PEMCO business – and this dedication allows our knowledge, experience and talent to deliver real value for our clients.

Our professional services are divided into three distinct but related areas:

Risk Consultancy & Advisory Services

  • Audits and inspections
  • Strategic and operational risk consultancy
  • Risk management system design
  • Policy and procedure writing
  • Risk assessment
  • Practical assistance with day–to–day implementation
  • Liaison with enforcement officers on your behalf
  • Ad–hoc telephone or email support

Technical Risk Services

  • Technical risk consultancy (gas, electricity, fire, legionella, asbestos, noise, powered gates, etc)
  • Technical condition assessment
  • Technical risk assessment
  • Technical inspection & testing
  • Liaison with designers and contractors on your behalf

Contractor Compliance Monitoring

  • Safety–related contractor monitoring
  • On–site contractor auditing
  • Liaison with contractors on your behalf

Professional and Qualified

Our experienced advisors are specialists in their field, and therefore by working closely with you, we come with the ability to identify risks sooner.   Some of our advisors come from local authority enforcement backgrounds and others from safety management positions in industry.

Our professional advice and recommendations will clearly identify any areas of uncontrolled risk, leaving you, your property, and your organisation better protected.

We strongly believe that safety, health and environmental management should be throughly integrated into your wider business activities and not simply an ’after thought‘ in order to comply with legislation.

We’re realists, not ambulance chasers, and we understand the commercial realities and pressures involved in running a modern business or organisation.

We therefore adopt a highly pragmatic and proportionate risk–centric approach towards safety risk management that provides realistic, affordable and legally compliant solutions.