PEMCO Safety image of social housing in a new development

Social Housing

PEMCO provides a range of safety management services for social housing providers, including housing associations, local authorities, housing charities and trusts.   Our services are designed to ensure that your tenants’ homes remain safe and that your employees are working in the safest possible environment.

We have extensive experience in providing specialist safety management services to social housing providers, including:

  • Safety management system set–up
  • Drafting workable policies and procedures
  • Undertaking specialist risk assessments
  • Practical day–to–day safety advice
  • Liaison with enforcement officers on your behalf
  • Safety training

If you’re also in the business of providing social care as part of your housing service, we can support you there too.   We believe that care, safety and quality go hand–in–hand, and at PEMCO we have designed a range of safety management services to help support the level of care, safety and quality you provide.

Technical auditing

And we don’t just look after your compliance paperwork, we also take pride in ensuring that practices and behaviours are actually carried through into the real world within your tenants’ homes, sheltered schemes, extra care schemes, hostels and general needs blocks.   We do this by providing professional safety–related behaviour auditing and a range of technical auditing services, including:

  • Gas safety auditing
  • Electrical safety auditing
  • Legionella safety auditing
  • Fire safety auditing
  • Asbestos safety auditing
  • Lifts & hoists safety auditing
  • Powered gates safety auditing

Contractor auditing

Our professional contractor auditing services will provide you with the assurances that your third–party contractors are always doing what they should be doing, and working to the correct standards of compliance.   This is really essential for ensuring robust governance in the social housing sector.

As proud members of the National Housing Federation (NHF) we’re serious and passionate about achieving the highest standards of safety in the social housing sector.