PEMCO Safety image of a city scene depicting community

Our Charitable Policy

At PEMCO, we encourage everyone in our team to be socially, environmentally and ethically aware.  We are all committed to building a long-term sustainable business and keeping ethics and social responsibility at the heart of everything we do.  We strongly believe that we can have a positive impact on society by working with charities, non-profit organisations, good causes and our local communities.  Our policy is to give something back and support the needs of others when and where we can.

In particular, we believe that everybody deserves a healthy and safe place to live and sleep; and that no one should come away from work injured whilst trying to earn a living.  We actively work to help achieve this by donating our time, skills and energies to raise awareness of these issues.

Charities and non-profit organisations that we are currently committed to working with include:

  • The Ian Whittingham Foundation
  • Shelter
  • The Centre for Alternative Technology

We are also actively engaged in pro bono work whereby we often offer our professional skills to charities and other non-profit organisations on a free-of-charge basis.

We review our charitable policy and the organisations that we support every three years, and as part of this review, we may decide to support other organisations or causes in forthcoming years.

As PEMCO grows as a business, we can give back and do more for others.  This is a fundamental part of our ethos.